Marc Cary Focus Trio -1 (featuring Sameer Gupta)


Marc Cary Focus Trio -1 (featuring Sameer Gupta)

Jul 26, 2024
8:00 PM - 9:30 PM

Rendon Hall/Fiddler Annex @ California Jazz Conservatory

2040 Addison Street , Berkeley
This concert is sponsored by JAMBAR

Prepare for a mesmerizing journey as renowned jazz pianist Marc Cary joins forces with the boundary-breaking percussionist Sameer Gupta. This intimate concert promises an evening of captivating improvisation and a unique blend of musical influences.

Marc Cary, a true innovator, is known for his virtuosic technique and his ability to seamlessly weave together elements of soul, gospel, and classical music. Sameer Gupta, a master of both the traditional tabla and the modern drum set, brings a captivating rhythmic energy to the stage, drawing on his Indian heritage and his vast experience in the world of modern music.

Together, Cary and Gupta founded the Focus Trio and have been collaborating together for over 20 years. Their combined dynamic soundscape defies categorization. Their deep musical connection promises a truly spontaneous and exhilarating performance. Don’t miss this opportunity to witness the magic that unfolds when two musical masters come together on stage.

Band Members and Instrumentation:

Marc Cary – Piano, Synths, Keyboards, Electronics
Sameer Gupta – Drumset, Tabla, Percussion

Group Bio:

Pianist Marc Cary is a genre-bending force in jazz. Raised on the go-go scene of Washington D.C., he went on to captivate audiences with his soulful post-bop style. From Betty Carter’s bandstand to solo albums like “Rhodes Ahead,” Cary blends tradition with electronic and global influences, making him a unique voice in contemporary jazz.

Sameer Gupta isn’t your average percussionist. He bridges worlds, wielding both the traditional Indian tabla and a modern drum set. A founding member of groups like Brooklyn Raga Massive, Gupta weaves Indian classical music and jazz into a captivating tapestry, pushing the boundaries of rhythm and sound.

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Proof of vaccination is no longer required for Covid-19. Masking is optional and masks are available upon request. The California Jazz Conservatory kindly requests that anyone feeling unwell refrain from attending in-person events of any kind. 

This concert is sponsored by JAMBAR