Dani & Debora Gurgel Big Band feat ESO


Dani & Debora Gurgel Big Band feat ESO

Feb 25, 2024
5:30 PM - 7:00 PM

Rendon Hall/Fiddler Annex @ California Jazz Conservatory

2040 Addison Street , Berkeley
This concert is sponsored by JAMBAR

Dani and Debora Gurgel bring their DDG19 Big Band to the CJC! Their acclaimed quartet DDG4 will be joined by the horn section of the Electric Squeezebox Orchestra – ESO, CJC’s resident big band, which includes the very best musicians on the Bay Area jazz scene. This explosive DDG+ESO mix will also feature guest vocalist Sandy Cressman.

Band Members

Dani Gurgel (vocals)

Debora Gurgel (piano & arrangements)

Big Rabello (drums)

Sidiel Vieira (bass)

Erik Jekabson & the ESO horn section

Sandy Cressman (special guest on vocals)

Band Bio

Dani Gurgel & Debora Gurgel mix Jazz and Brazilian roots serendipitously. Dani Gurgel’s voice is a scatting instrument, stitched along Debora Gurgel’s left hand piano grooves, putting jazz improvisation into Brazilian rhythms. For the 10th anniversary of their Dani & Debora Gurgel Quartet (DDG4) they have invited 15 more musicians, in order to become the DDG19 Big Band. With all original music by Debora and Dani Gurgel, arrangements by Debora Gurgel and music production by Big Rabello, DDG19 is an encounter of Brazilian rhythms and with a contemporary big band. Joining the original quartet, formed by Dani Gurgel on vocals, Debora Gurgel on piano, Big Rabello on drums and Sidiel Vieira on bass; are 15 more woodwinds and horns – 5 saxophones, 4 trombones, 4 trumpets and 2 flutes. Learn more at ddg4.com.br

Proof of vaccination is no longer required for Covid-19. Masking is optional and masks are available upon request. The California Jazz Conservatory kindly requests that anyone feeling unwell refrain from attending in-person events of any kind.

This concert is sponsored by JAMBAR